The bar for web design is rising every year. Companies are investing heavily in their online presence and developing pages that are increasingly intuitive, accessible and engaging. Similarly, customers have higher expectations in 2022. Shopping online or engaging with a digital brand shouldn’t feel like a chore to them. To avoid falling behind, businesses need to be on the cutting edge of website design. Here are some signs that your website is due for an update.

We live in a world completely saturated with logos and advertising. They’ve become so common, that the general public often tunes them out. The question is, how do you make a potential customer look twice? Movie directors entice audiences to see a movie twice by hiding hidden details in their films you’d only notice upon a repeat viewing. It might surprise you to learn this, but marketers do the same thing.

Account based marketing, if used correctly, it can be one of the best tools for a brand trying to break into a new market. Identify four or five key prospects within that new market, and treat those individual accounts as markets in and of themselves.

Around 93% of online experiences go through a search engine and 70% of those searches are through Google. Of search engine users, less than 25% will click to the second page. Those statistics make it clear that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for building your website traffic. Your website needs to appear on the first page of a Google search and, ideally, up top.

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Innovative Advertising was recently honored by the American Advertising Awards and the Ad Club of New Orleans as part of the annual ADDY Awards Celebration.  Innovative’s work was recognized with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Additionally, six of the agency’s team members were awarded the prestigious Ad Persons of the Year honor

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These two terms and the concepts behind them set the foundation for how customers experience and interact with your organization through your website. UX stands for “User Experience.” UI stands for “User Interface.” User Experience and User Interface have become vitally important, as more and more brand interactions happen exclusively online or begin with online contact.  

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Pre-COVID-19, most industries were already moving away from brick-and-mortar–based operations and toward widespread adoption of digital technologies in manufacturing, sales and delivery of services and goods. There is ample evidence that the arrival of COVID-19 greatly accelerated the timetable and growing evidence that these new approaches and technologies will become permanent, as both supply chain and consumer demand pressures have changed in enduring ways.

What is a marketing funnel? The marketing funnel is a way to visualize the process of turning leads into customers. Imagine a classic funnel shape. A full-funnel marketing approach begins at the top of the funnel by casting a wide net to capture as many leads as possible. As you move down the funnel, it becomes narrower and the efforts of your marketing become more focused, targeting the most qualified audience with the highest propensity to convert.

Parents have told their kids for generations…”Do your homework!” Got a big project or campaign on the horizon? Remember what your Momma told you, and do your research homework first. 

At Innovative Advertising, we never stop questioning why something is happening or how to make it better. We’ve seen the results of effective research and know that consumer insights are at the heart of effective marketing. 

For the past two years, Innovative Advertising (Innovative) has been honored to work with Gulf Coast Bank to create their annual report. Each year the project has an overarching theme that incorporates elements of the Gulf Coast region, showcases clients and highlights the philanthropic work of the bank.