The benefits of Omnichannel marketing

The research

Harvard Business Review performed a 14-month study to analyze customers’ shopping behaviors in the United States. The review shows that 7% of customers were online-only shoppers while 20% were in-store only. That left the majority of shoppers, 73%, being multi-channel shoppers.

Now more than ever, customers enjoy alternating between channels for their shopping experience, creating an authentic omnichannel marketing experience. So, retail brands need to provide a consistent experience for the consumer, whether in-store, online, or engaged in both.

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Combatting Shrinking Attention Spans with Short Form Video

See how long it takes before you become distracted while reading this. Is it 2 minutes? What about 8 seconds?

Over the past few years, the human attention span has shrunk significantly. According to a study from Cross River Therapy, the average person’s attention span is just 8.25 seconds, which is a 25% decrease from 2005.

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Very Peri: The Pantone Color that Inspires Innovation

Color is crucial to the design and branding of products and businesses. Color can communicate almost more than words can, and you definitely don’t want your color to convey the opposite of what you are trying to say. Where can you look to find the trendiest color for the most effective communication? The Pantone Color of the Year is the perfect place to start.

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Innovative Advertising, Working From Home

People Who Think @ Home: Advice from a Working From Home Veteran

In this uncertain and rapidly changing moment, our agency is doing its best not to miss a beat and continue providing creative solutions for our clients. At the same time, we’re making the health and safety of our team a priority. All of us at People Who Think started working from home. And, while it’s been a remarkably smooth transition, it’s a major shift for most of us.

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