Painting With a Twist


The website for a “paint and sip” franchise serves a dual purpose—helping customers choose paintings and book classes, and informing potential franchisees about the concept. Through dynamic use of design and back end features this site succeeds on both levels.



No matter which side of 1980 you were born, the title of this article may cause you to roll your eyes Baby boomers and Generation X managers sometimes have preconceived notions about the age group...

Top 5 Workplace Woes - Funny reasons to work at a creative agency

What's it really like to work at a creative agency like Innovative Advertising Are we truly the "Mad Men" (and women) of TV or is it just another job Sometimes we struggle, just like everybody else...

brand identity concept graphic

Brand identity Many businesses treat it as little more than an afterthought, but a good identity — with a strong personality that customers love — is the foundation for longterm success A strong...