Self-Promotion Tips

5 Ways To Self-Promote Without Selling Out

Will Rogers, the legendary cowboy philosopher once said, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.”

Self-promotion is not a dirty word, in fact, it is necessary for business success. Many of us blush and hesitate to engage in self-promotion. But celebrating wins or trumpeting success stories is an important part of a marketing plan. Customers want and need to know this kind of information before making a buying decision

So how do you let the world know how wonderful you are? Here are a few suggestions.

Develop a Website

96% of Americans shop online. And when they’re not shopping, they’re researching their next purchase. Use your website to tell your story, build your brand and educate potential customers. If you don’t have a website, you’re losing business. But be aware that customers will judge you by the quality of your website. Depending on your budget, you can hire someone or create your own.

Make Contacts

The best ambassador for your brand is you. Create an elevator speech and practice it. This short pitch should be an overview of your business, products or services that can be delivered in the time it takes to complete an average elevator ride. Most people are uncomfortable touting themselves, so get comfortable telling people why you’re the best at what you do. Then talk to everyone and anyone, including family, friends, and vendors. Take advantage of local/regional business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce to help spread the word.

Stay in Touch

Once you have made a contact, make sure you continue to connect with them. We all live busy lives, so give people a reason to remember you. Use email, a blog, newsletters, direct mail, social channels — whatever you can afford to stay top-of-mind. Use promotions to catch attention, and create buzz and sales. Provide your contacts with useful content — information they can use for future buying decisions or tips and advice they can use in their daily lives.

Brand Everything

Never miss a chance to tell customers about you. Across every touchpoint, your brand should be well-defined, creatively aligned and visually recognizable. A strong brand will boost customer retention, increase purchases and lower acquisition costs.

Publicize It

Local newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations are always looking for community stories. Put together a media contact list and update it often. Reach out to the local media by giving them a call and sending out a press release when you have something their audiences will be interested in.

The most powerful brands in the world are built on honesty. Make a plan to showcase what you can do and start letting your clients know how good you really are.

Elizabeth Stokes
New Business