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5 Best Practices when Creating Social Media Video

There’s no denying it, social media video is the king of content right now. From “live-as-it-happens” videos to eye-catching mini-movies, consumers are watching closely. Visual trends are growing and platforms like Instagram and Facebook play an important role in this shift. Consumers are viewing more video, so brands are creating even more social media video marketing for them to view. And where they watch is extremely important.

  • 1 billion Facebook users are mobile only
  • 90% of our agency clients’ activity is mobile

Why Video?

Movement and animation are eye-catching and are more likely to pique a viewer’s interest as they scroll, scroll, scroll through news feeds. But it’s more than just moving pictures that make a difference.

  • Video allows you to tell a more detailed and robust story
  • According to Facebook, stories are 22 times more powerful than facts
  • Consumers interact with video in multiple ways, resulting in higher engagement rates

5 Social Media Video Best Practices

1. Create for mobile

Don’t you hate it when you have to squint at your phone to see something?

  • Shoot for the small screen
  • Don’t use small graphics that are hard to read on a phone
  • Take your social video for a test drive on your phone before launching
  • Consider the user’s viewing experience

2. You’ve only got 3 seconds

If a consumer stops to watch your social video, studies show you’ve only got three seconds to win their attention. Leverage those precious first moments and get them to focus on your message.

3. Don’t forget your brand

Integrate your brand throughout the social video, especially in the first few seconds. Do this in a natural, authentic way. If they remember the video, but don’t remember your brand, then your video didn’t work.

4. Social videos are silent movies

Broadcast ads rely on visuals and audio to tell their stories, but more than 85% of social videos are played with the sound muted. Creating a visual story is important.

  • Get creative with your content to get your message across
  • Use titles or motion graphics
  • Ask the consumer to turn up the sound
  • Facebook has a service to create the captions for you
  • Be mindful of captions and where they are placed on screen

5. The shorter, the better

Simple creative that tells a story in under 30 seconds is an excellent goal. 15% of viewers think 15 seconds is even better. Consider your audience and your subject matter and tell the best story you can in the shortest period of time.

Remember users don’t want to be sold, they want to be moved – inspiration, aspiration, love, humor and nostalgia are all elements to a memorable social video. Social video is the perfect format to evoke emotion and elicit a response.


Rick Nelson
Senior Video Editor