Repurpose digital content for print

Repurpose Digital for Print

Remember when experts predicted that because of computers and digital content we’d all live in a paperless society? Obviously that hasn’t happened. And even though digital content has exploded, there is still a need for printed materials, and the best source for creating print content is right at your fingertips…your current digital library.

Print still has many advantages. Printed materials have a stronger connection to your brand than other media because of the hands-on association. Print materials also have a longer lifespan. Digital is gone with the flip of a finger, but a printed piece can hang around on the refrigerator, bulletin board or bookshelf for a very long time.

Round up your resources

Your first step is to evaluate the marketing materials you have available. Review your social media accounts, blogs, emails and hard drives for anything that may be of use. Remember, not everything will be a direct translation. You may need to put in some work to convert digital communications into effective print pieces. Copy and paste will not result in effective print materials.

Think creatively

Blogs with similar themes could become a book or how-to brochure. Popular social media posts can become a published column or newsletter content. Gather posted recipes could be a cookbook. Beautiful images could become a calendar, or top performing online offers could work as direct mail pieces.

Let the data be your guide

Utilize the analytics you’ve collected from your digital content to determine top-performing themes and content. This will allow you to pinpoint specific audiences that can be reached through variable printing. This type of printing allows you to customize each piece to the recipient and use different imaging for each targeted group. You can cost-effectively A/B test your designs in the digital world to see which one gets the largest response. You can experiment with fonts, color schemes and graphic elements to determine which appeals to the best target audience.

Be a thought leader

Your printed materials can be utilized to reinforce your digital presence. Distributing the best of your digital content from websites, blogs, videos and social media in another format is a good way to drive customers and viewers back to the online source when they’re searching for more great content.

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