More Than a Name, More Than a Logo

Your credit union may be missing opportunities for growth because of deficits in your branding. Innovative Advertising successfully transitioned an industry-specific branded credit union to a community-based financial institution. The goal was a new identity with a broad appeal that allowed for marketing to a larger customer base.

Making Members Feel Essential

The new identity was revealed to the public in a multi-staged effort that was tailored to each audience. Innovative Advertising created a new brand aimed at attracting new membership, while still being inclusive of existing members.

Let Us Build a Brand for You

Watch the “anthem” video for an engaging and emotional overview of the success of the rebranding efforts. How successful was the rebrand? Membership increased eight percent in the year following the name change, versus a growth of two percent, or less, in the prior three years. Since the new brand, the credit union has had a 27 percent increase in total assets.

Here’s How It Happens

The multi-step process begins with market research testing. As a full-service agency, Innovative Advertising provides public relations, print and video production, broadcast and social media advertising, internal employee training and even special events management as part of the brand-launch process.


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