Social media monitoring: How keeping a sharp eye means your brand never misses the mark

As an advertising agency, we aim to cultivate connections between our client’s brands and their customer base. Social media monitoring plays an important role in observing the online discussions taking place among customers. While it might sound a bit intrusive, like big brother is always watching, it operates differently than you might imagine.

Through social media monitoring, we can effectively track instances where customers are talking about specific brands or even featuring them in images without directly tagging them. We help provide opportunities to engage with these posts, adding to the ongoing conversations surrounding your brand. This can also demonstrate to your consumers that you are attentive to their voices and value their input.

Keeping up with the Joneses means keeping an eye on what the Joneses find trendy at any given moment. That’s why we’re breaking down a few ways to better engage with your followers, keep an eye on their actions and even avert a crisis before it happens.

Do you have an audience?

According to Meta, it takes 1.7 seconds on mobile and 2.5 seconds on desktop to grab someone’s attention. Brands cannot claim the absence of an audience, because there is invariably an audience awaiting your brand; the key lies in uncovering them. Through the utilization of social media monitoring tools, you gain the ability to observe the actions of your followers, discovering whether they are discussing your brand within their posts. This practice grants you insights into the intricacies of any subject under discussion across social media platforms.

Are you in a crisis?

According to PwC’s Global Crisis Survey, 95% of business leaders feel underprepared for a crisis. However, social media monitoring could be used as your first line of defense in a public relations crisis. Social media listening tools help identify potential crises by setting up alerts, keywords and sentiment analysis. You can also use them to track the volume, reach and tone of the conversations around your brand and your industry, as well as competitors.

Why is everything always changing?

Social media is ever evolving, which means keeping up with the changes can be a lot for one brand to handle. With social media monitoring, setting up specific geographic regions, prominent contributors, one’s likes and dislikes and more can help when creating analysis reports. In all, it’s beneficial to have your brand adapt your strategies and achieve business objectives through the smart technology of media listening.