Mastering Full Funnel Marketing for Business Growth

We’ve all been there as consumers, finding ourselves unexpectedly clued into a new product or service that fits a need or desire we may not have even been consciously aware of. This phenomenon is best explained through the framework of “Full Funnel Marketing,” which unfolds across four distinct phases: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Loyalty. Allow us to delve into how this process plays out so you can consider if your brand can benefit from a Full Funnel approach.

Awareness – Igniting Attention

Let’s say you start to hear about the newest version of the Peloton; your curiosity is sparked. Then, you begin to see Pelotons everywhere: in your social news stream, the movies you watch, the videos you see online. All of a sudden, you are hyper-aware of Pelotons and their presence in our world. 

However, being aware of this item does not merit a conversion. You aren’t ready to buy a Peloton – you may not have even thought about ever owning exercise equipment – but your attention is captured. This is the stage where marketers are using awareness-based tactics, which typically involve media platforms with mass reach and feature visual creative that evokes an emotional response – like broadcast TV and cable ads, CTV/OTT, and online video. 

Radio (terrestrial, streaming, or podcast placements) can also drive awareness because it offers a dedicated block of time to relay a compelling message to a specific target audience (up to a full minute). The interest piqued from these top-of-the-funnel tactics then trickles down into the next phase, which is consideration. 

Consideration – The Quest Begins

Next, you, the consumer, are deep in the consideration stage. It’s not an immediate leap; perhaps you were initially made aware of Peleton’s newest offering over a year ago. But now, you aren’t just fascinated, you actively want to know more about what it does, how it’s different, who has one, how they use it…so many questions. You’re likely researching various Peloton programs, cost, and reading reviews.

The consideration stage is a time when marketers need to keep you engaged and earn your trust. The goal of this phase is to provide education and help explain how a product or service can fit your needs.

This can include utilizing social media posts, which allow marketers to connect with their audience on platforms where they spend a significant amount of time. Infographics also serve as an engaging tool for simplifying complex information, making it easier for consumers to understand the value of a product or service. Marketers may also use online display advertising that links to a product-specific landing page, offering a direct pathway for consumers to get more in-depth information or make active comparisons between Peleton and similar brands. 

Conversion – The Leap of Faith

You are at the moment of truth – Conversion. Conversion is when your curiosity and consideration transform into action. Whether it’s an online sale or getting a customer through the doors of a physical location, the marketer’s goal is that Phase Three results in a specific action. According to HubSpot’s 2024 study, “The State of Marketing,” 60% of successful marketing funnels with a conversion stem from a digital marketing strategy. 

Email and text-based tactics allow marketers to reach out directly to customers with personalized messages, helping them to connect with the brand and its offerings. Tactics like employing long-tail keywords, PPC campaigns, remarketing, optimized landing pages, local SEO, and mobile optimization are employed to precisely target potential customers.

After contemplating, you pull your credit card out of your wallet and make the purchase. You are now a proud owner of a Peloton, ready to take on your new fitness journey.

Loyalty – Securing Brand Affinity

Thank you for embarking on this “Full Funnel Marketing” adventure with us. It’s all about guiding someone through the journey of discovering something new (Awareness), contemplating it deeply (Consideration), and finally leaping (Conversion). At Loyalty, the final phase, which will hopefully last for many years, the focus should be on personalized communication, rewards programs, and exceptional post-purchase support that encourages connection with the brand. This helps turn satisfied customers into loyal advocates for the brand and encourages them to make future purchases, or even recommend the brand to others.