Once upon a time, the only tools you needed to get your newsworthy announcements and stories publicized were a press release, a fax machine and a phone number. Editors and reporters were one call away from hearing your pitch and developing it into a story. Now, modern communication devices allow us to reach media contacts in a myriad of new ways. This, combined with the rise of blogging, YouTube, TikTok and other influencer channels, makes being creative and compelling in your outreach much more important.

How, where, when and to whom you decide to pitch your story and product/service can literally make or break a successful public relations effort.

So, how do you differentiate yourself and your brand to cut through the media clutter and get your stories out there? Follow the guidelines below and you’ll be on your way to public relations success!

Know Your Newsworthiness…And Promote It!

Before you start any public relations effort, ask yourself this: What about this (project, initiative, event, etc.) is important and newsworthy? If it’s something of public concern, such as an event that’s open to the community or an initiative the public should be aware of, start there.

Next, share this information at the very beginning of your dialogue with media contacts. Reporters are inundated with an endless stream of potential news stories and information. So, starting at the top level with the most newsworthy information can help your message grab their attention.

Then, determine how you can help tell the story you are pitching by offering the “who, what, when, where and why.” Ask yourself:

  • Who is this story about?
  • What is the purpose, objective or anticipated outcome?
  • When can the story be covered? When is the project, initiative or event taking place or wrapping up?
  • Where is it happening?
  • Why should the audience care?

Lastly, consider a catchy subject line and send your release directly to a reporter or news producer’s email in hopes of getting clicked.

Know Your Influencers

Influencers have become a large part of our society. The internet has created a new marketplace full of personalities, bloggers and other “journalists” who have massive followings online. According to a recent article from Cision, brands are projecting to spend $15 billion dollars on influencer marketing this year.

Influencer marketing is strategic, as it attracts followers who align with your company’s offerings, so they directly engage your target audience about your products or services.
Search TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and trade publications for influencers that might align with your brand’s positioning. When researching potential influencers, consider the following: their presence in your sector or industry, their social and/or subscription-based following, and most importantly, their compatibility with your brand. Most influencers involve a “pay to play” strategy, which leads us to our next piece of advice.

Develop And Implement An Influencer Strategy

Now that you have discovered which influencers best align with your brand and audience, it’s time to put a strategy in place. Compile your list of multiple influencers and invest the same time and consideration you would in developing a solid media contact list.

Keep in mind when developing your influencer strategy that, while many influencers will gladly accept your product(s)/experience as payment, some may also ask for a fee. Staying on budget is crucial, so be sure to leave room in case an important influencer requires compensation to review your product(s) or service. Consider how many products or experiences you can afford to give out and what you expect your ROI to be for each. Another consideration is knowing if you will get the rights to use images or videos the influencer makes to use on your own accounts. According to Influencer Media Hub, influencers generate an equivalent earned media value of $18 for every $1 spent.

Keep The Relationship Strong

Lastly, maintain relationships with influencers by allowing them to collaborate with you in your marketing strategy. Forbes released an article that explains influencer relationships should make them feel like another part of your team. Keeping influencers in the loop with mutual goals and KPIs will help them feel more engaged with your brand and future goals.

Then, include them in email blasts regarding company announcements and other pertinent updates. This will provide additional opportunities for promotion and demonstrate that you value their influence and relationship.

Innovative Advertising

Here at Innovative Advertising, we use these tips every day to help our clients stay in step with today’s world of modern public relations. Contact us today to discuss getting your brand up to speed.