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Branding is the foundation of any marketing effort and an important asset of your company. Branding is the essential truth or value of your organization, product or service. It will tell people what you are and what you are not. Branding creates loyal customers, advocates, and ambassadors.

Brand Boot Camp

The mission of a traditional boot camp is to create a team with a clear purpose and mission, our Brand Boot Camp has some of the same goals for brand development.

Your brand’s key decision makers will collaborate with our team in an intensive discovery session with the mission to discover your brand purpose and focus on building your brand identity. Through creative exercises, brand research and hard work we’ll get to the heart of who you are, what you do and the crucial “why” behind it all.

Brand Identity

Each step of logo development is crucial. From the color palette to the font, your brand identity must be meaningful to your audience and competitively relevant.

We are experts in logo development, brand identity design and tagline creation. Let us assist you in creating a brand that will help you succeed.

Brand Anthem

We dive deep into your brand to discover innovative and creative ways to tell your brand story.  By identifying core competencies— your brand’s meaning and purpose — we craft a narrative that’s engaging, responsive, and emotional.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are the rules and tools required to share your brand identity with the world. Through our brand guide creation process, we’ll develop a style guide and brand guidelines document to ensure brand consistency, maintaining the value of your brand.


Product merchandising is all about knowing how to identify, design and market new brand merchandising channels that drive brand affinity and increase profit. We specialize in merchandise creation and merchandise marketing for companies of all sizes to propel engagement with new and existing customers.

In-store Design

Store design is an important element of establishing your brand identity. More than just creating an attractive store with pleasing displays, retail store design employs careful strategies to optimize space and sales. Innovative’s approach to retail store design includes window displays, lighting, decor, furnishings and even ambience builders like music.