Sea The Future


Convince the homeowners’ association of a master-planned beachfront resort community to support a vote to approve a multi-million-dollar expansion project.


Secure the required amount of votes to meet quorum, including out-of-state homeowners, as most homes in the community are not primary residences.


Created and launched an integrated marketing campaign to:

  • reach different target audiences via their preferred method of communication
  • promote a positive outlook for the project
  • motivate voting
  • build community pride


Created a microsite detailing:

  • expansion plans
  • benefits for homeowners
  • the voting process
  • financial outlook
  • FAQs


Recruited supporters of the project and converted them into ambassadors, equipping them with message training to get out the vote.

Developed a process for dynamically updating the FAQ section of the microsite as new questions were submitted.

Monitored external online communities and forums to address concerns and provide accurate information.

Services Used

Concept Development, CRM, Collateral Development, Community Relations, Copywriting, Event Planning & Coordination, Graphic Design, Presentations, Promotional Material, Social Media Monitoring,  Spokesperson Training and Website Development


Fourteen days ahead of the voting deadline, the required amount of “yes” votes were earned. By the time the voting came to a close, more than 65 percent of the community had voted in favor of the expansion project.

Campaign Identity

Collateral Design