Storytelling Success


To raise funds for and communicate the importance of Louisiana Key Academy, a public charter school for children with dyslexia.


As a charter school, Key Academy does not qualify for goverment facility funding. Having reached capacity, funds were needed to continue to offer tuition-free services to a growing community of students. The message to perspective donors was two-fold.

  1. Dyslexia is a disorder that affects one out of every five children.
  2. It quietly infiltrates all aspects of a child's ability to learn.

The message also needed to be emotionally compelling to persuade donors to give.


Produced a suite of videos illustrating the struggles children with dyslexia and their families face.

  • Utilized emotionally-charged, one-on-one interviews with students, parents and staff members. Their heartfelt stories brought gravity to the message.
  • Furthered the story with powerful images and a compelling score.

Services Used

Content Development, Copywriting and Video/TV Production


The videos were pivotal to the success of the annual capital campaign and effectively connected with donors. To-date the campaign has raised $1,000,000.