Focus on Franchising


  • Determine how existing customers felt about the Painting with a Twist “paint and sip” experience, why they enjoyed it and why they returned
  • Discover barriers to entry and perceptions of new customers who were informed about the experience but had not participated
  • Utilize the data to shape marketing campaigns moving forward
  • Understand perceptions of current customers to increase frequency and new customers to drive trial


Holistically evaluate a franchise operation despite the varied mixture of old and new stores in different regions of the country (both rural and urban) located in stand-alone locations and strip center units.


Focus groups were conducted in three metro areas in different states. Two sets of participants were recruited: existing Painting with a Twist customers and potential customers who had never experienced the paint and sip process. Data was collected and analyzed.

Services Used

Research Analytics, Franchise Consulting


  • Research determined the brand is extremely female-oriented
  • Overall awareness of the brand was low
  • Existing customers are loyal to the brand and likely to return for repeat visits
  • The painting experience is viewed as a social occasion similar to a Happy Hour
  • Customers have an emotional connection to the experience, describe it as stress-relief/escape
  • A major barrier to entry is new consumers worry that artistic skills are required to enjoy the experience
  • Research uncovered how critical the artist-instructors are to the success of the customer experience
  • Determined social media was the most effective communication channel


The research shaped Innovative’s social media messaging and online advertising campaigns for Painting with a Twist resulting in a 69% year-over-year increase in visits to the website where paint classes are booked.