Beach Business Solution


Help the SeaOats Beach Service company elevate its business processes from an outdated telephone order/manual input system to a more efficient, fully-automated online ordering and planning system.


SeaOats relied on customers to place orders by phone during regular business hours to reserve chairs, umbrellas and other beachside accessories. Orders were compiled each night using multiple spreadsheets. The spreadsheets were then used to create seating placement charts, and tags for each chair were created by hand for every beach location. They also utilized an accounts receivable system that made tax reporting difficult.

The challenge was to replace this time consuming and ineffective process with an online system that not only benefitted SeaOats but also its customers.


Innovative researched and custom designed a fully-automated online system which:

  • Allowed guests to book chairs, umbrellas and cabanas 24/7
  • Up-sold premium services like coolers, kayaks, paddle-boards, fire pits and special sunset seating
  • Automatically moved customer positions to optimize space
  • Created corporate accounts for hotels allowing concierges to book services for guests
  • Compiled orders instantly at the end of the day
  • Sent customers order confirmations and exact chair locations by email
  • Generated seating placement charts and chair tags by location, for all employees
  • Provided a simple payment solution
  • Included accounts receivable and tax recording capabilities along with report generation

Services Used

Website Development, Communications Database and Advanced Technological Solutions


Hundreds of staff hours were saved, new sales opportunities were realized and the site facilitated the company’s expansion into other sales territories.

Project Images