Even The Smallest Details Matter

If you stop by TheAdvocate.com as part of your daily browsing, you may have noticed something a bit off – the entire site.

The Advocate’s site was inaccessible today, because the domain was not renewed. This small detail caused the entire web presence of The Advocate to be rendered inaccessible.

Fortunately, the publication was able to secure the domain before any trolls were able to hold it hostage, but propagation across the web is still not complete. In some cases, it can take 24-48 hours for a site’s updated status to reach every internet service provider, such as Cox or AT&T.

If you’re smaller company, there are multiple uptime monitoring services that can alert you if your site has any real-time issues. If you’re a larger corporation, there should be multiple checks and balances in place to prevent this sort of error.

While a domain can easily be secured, consumer confidence can be a bit trickier to restore. Don’t let the small details derail your big picture plans.