Three Strategies for Setting a Cost-Effective Marketing Budget

We don’t blush when it comes to talking about money. Figuring out the optimum marketing budget for your business is important — it shouldn’t be a delicate conversation, it should be right out in the open. Clear communication about a budget helps set expectations for you and your marketing team, and is central to building an effective, goal-oriented marketing plan.

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Who Wants Stuffing?

Nope, not the Thanksgiving kind. Some TV networks are using a tactic known as ad stuffing to bolster ad revenues, with AMC pushing in an additional 10% of ad inventory into Q2.

Perhaps an effort to safeguard against shrinking viewership, the end result is just more and more ads for viewers, many of whom have grown accustomed to commercial-free environments like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. On some level, increased ad loads will just drive people even further into the arms of streaming services, contributing to that same viewership decline.

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Sponsored Listening

Users of Pandora’s ad-supported service might soon get the option for an hour of commercial-free music, but there’s a catch.

In an expansion of an existing program, Pandora will give people the option to view an ad in exchange for 60 minutes of ad-free 80s pop, jazz, or whatever you prefer. Users will opt to see a video or other rich-media (a photo gallery, perhaps) ad unit at the beginning of their listening session to get access to an hour free of ad interruptions. Users must interact with the ads for at least 15 seconds to earn this, with Pandora’s end goal being uninterrupted consumer attention for these advertisements. It’s certainly more impactful when the ads are tied to some kind of reward, as standard ad breaks don’t typically offer much in the way of interactivity.

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Put Your Money on Mobile

As you have probably heard, mobile isn’t going away anytime soon. According to Facebook’s latest quarterly report, mobile accounts for 3/4 of its more than $4 billion revenue. With 76 percent of Facebook’s total ad revenue stemming from mobile advertising, the platform is definitely benefiting from the fact that its 1.5 billion users are constantly glued to their mobile devices.

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